“I’ll be back!”

These words have been immortalised by Arnie Schwarzenegger in his film ‘The Terminator’. However, this is the plan for these pages. It’s been a busy year and keeping this blog updated became a luxury that I couldn’t afford. But that’s going to change.

It’s also another time of returning. My son Jonathan and his wife Sofia have returned to the UK. It’s great for us to have them back, but we know that our gain is for others, loss.

Being the season of advent, I’m reminded of another who said he’d be back. The first time he chose to come it was as a baby. He lived among us showing us a better way to live, brought healing into many lives, and was subjected to cruel torture and an inhumane death. Why? Because he loves us and decided we were worth saving from ourselves, the world and the devil.

And he’s coming back – whether you believe it or not. This time he’s coming as the King of all – whether you believe it or not. We’re told that every knee will bow to him and every tongue will confess him as Lord – whether you want to or not. Will you do it because you want to? Or, will you do it because you find yourself compelled to?